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Adorable Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Stick hearts for the mama day gifts!

Kids get to...

- hunt for sticks

- paint the sticks

- make a huge mess

- make you think twice about ever doing a stick heart again

- arrange them in a heart shape

- take photos of the finished product

You get to...

- painstakingly hot glue them together 😬

- take the actual photo you will share 😉

The glue will leave thin little strings everywhere and the glue globs are completely visible but how could a mama not love this, right?! Paint the sticks first, and let them dry. Then glue two sticks together, and let the glue dry before adding the next piece. It only takes about 30 seconds for the glue to harden. Once your whole heart is made and the glue is hard, you can go through and remove all of those string-things by gently pulling them off.

Perfect for wall art or sitting on a mantle or something!






Conclusion: This adorable kid-friendly craft serves not only as play-based learning, but is also the perfect gift for Mother's Day! Nature crafts are perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids, as it gets them out in the fresh air, observing the world around them, and exploring their creative voices.


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