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Collective Karma

Distance is love these days. Distance from the old ways. The distance. The gap. The awkwardness.

It’s all love.

I’m not going to shame anyone for anything, especially for trying to feel important, and carve out a space in this world where their voice can be heard.

I don’t know their story. I don’t know their path. I should just chill, and make my own progress.

I mean, as soon as I catch myself sinking into judgement, or saying “this is right” or “this is wrong”... I will envision a beautiful fire turning that judgement into ash.

Instead, you have my desire to understand your heart and history.

If your path does not resemble mine... from now on, I will not think that means it is probably less efficient. Instead, I'll just decide if I will accompany you this round, or give you some space to move.

Truth and progress are a great many things, and who am I to say what you need?

Will you forgive me for judging you? For doing anything thoughtless or hurtful? If you have ever judged me, it’s all good… at least, I am working towards that with every breath.





Conclusion: How quickly I find myself on this side or that side. How wasteful of this gift of life. I realize now, deeply for the first time, that sides are constructed… “sides” do not resonate in my heart of hearts. You are me. I am you… just seeing life from a different lens. How that reconciles, is our karma.


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