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Color and Letter-themed Snacks!

Kiddo snack hack!!! Learn your ABCs and so much more while you snack with a letter or color theme! Today is "O"... goldfish, an orange, and some dried mango

For your toddlers, you can ask questions like, "Which one is the crunchiest? Sweetest? Saltiest? Which one takes the longest to chew?

For your kindergartners, you can ask things like, "What do all of these have in common? How are they different?" On a piece of paper, write the names of each food, and help your babe sound out the letters to practice learning to read 🙌

Side note, these are awesome trail snacks! Target has amazing unsulfured dehydrated mangos fyi 😉

Side, side note... Get ready for some see-food 🙌





Conclusion: These are delicious and easy kid-approved snacks (a.k.a. snack hacks), consisting of super healthy food. After all, health is wealth! The activities that you can come up with are great unschooling and homeschooling activities for toddlers and kindergarteners when you are learning from home. Got to get those abc's and reading lessons in somehow!


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