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Our World

Are you looking for a way to up your overall awesomeness? Improve your dance moves? Refine your hide & seek skills?

Then buy this ultra comfy-cozy shirt and your wildest dreams will come true. How, you ask?

Well it's karma of course! When you purchase this limited edition "Our World" tee, you are doing three fabulous things:

  1. 100% of your purchase will be donated to organizations that support children, racial justice, and social justice.

  2. You are supporting the radical small biz that printed these shirts, Rockford Art Deli.

  3. The shirt itself is crafted by Allmade, a company with a mission of environmental sustainability and ethical|fair labor. In fact, each shirt diverts up to 6 plastic bottles from our oceans.

The designer of this shirt is a 19 year-old skater extraordinaire, student, artist, and all-around good human named Morgan. When I asked him to collaborate on a design with equality and love as the theme, he jumped right in.

After his work was complete, I asked Morgan about the final result. He said, "It’s our responsibility to play our individual part in making the world a better place than it was the day before. If we all remind ourselves of that each day, the world we all seek will form, and we’ll be proud to call it ours."

It doesn't get more real, or more simple than that.

These tees are great night shirts for little kids, and everyday apparel for all of us tweens, teens, and grown-ups. I will ship out orders on Saturday, December 19th through USPS Priority Mail so you will have a tracking number. Hopefully they will make it to you in time for Christmas! If you don't see this in time for Christmas, no worries! I ship on Saturdays, and anytime is a good time to give.

Click here to pick your size and order.

If your purchase is a gift for someone, please mention that in your order, and provide the address you would like the shirt to be shipped to.

Thank you all so much for your support, truly... with all of our heart. We cannot wait to see you in your shirt! Feel free to tag us on social media, and we will feature your cool style in our stories.


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