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Project PenPal

Calling all artists, kids, teens, grown-ups, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers!!!!!!

Want to make a difference in a foster kid's day without leaving your home? Don't have money to share but wanna help homeless teens? Want to instill a sense of awareness and integrity in your child, while simultaneously integrating reading, writing, and art into your homeschool curriculum?

Become a penpal!

Write a letter to a child or teen, take a picture of it on your phone, and email it to Fill a Heart 4 Kids, and they will print and deliver it to one of the thousands of kids they serve! They would love for you to post it on IG or FB, and tag them to spread the word!

You could even start a letter drive. If you are a teacher, maybe weave it into classwork! If you are an artist, take the opportunity to make something radical for a kid who may feel totally alone in the world.

It took us two "class" sessions to finish ours, and my little dude is in Kindergarten, so about an hour total. I wrote the words underneath when River was finished, so if the reader had trouble with his super fresh style of lettering, they had a backup, lol.

Riv came up with what he wanted to write, and we went word by word. I would point to a letter on the wall, Riv would tell me what it was, and then would write it! We learned about punctuation, spaces between words... All that stuff. But most importantly, he is learning that he has the power to do good. He has the ability to make someone feel special and cared for. He is developing self-love through loving others.

We all have that power. I will be writing one too. The plan is to do it once a month. Make it a family affair. If you have $35-75 you can give, you can either donate it directly to Fill a Heart 4 Kids or build your own Survival BacPac and send it to their home office!


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