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Sweet Sixteen

It's our sweet 16 year as a duo, my love.

But today, it's 9 years as your ol' lady.

My grandparents are close to their sweet 70. Here is what I have learned...

If we're lucky, we'll get 50 more years to smooch, love, and argue. If we do things right, we will get to buy each other diapers, and knock each other's dentures into the sink on accident.

You rule my world and my heart. Your hair is legendary. You smile is heaven. You let me feel like I win arguments quite a bit more than I actually do. Your general volume will eventually make me need a hearing aid though. You are a dreamboat, embodied.

Flashback to this portrait you took of us back in (f)art school when we were babies, and you had me totally smitten with your lighting skills and shoestring hipster belt. Totally smitten, still. Butterflies even.


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