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The Question of Police in Schools

Earlier today, I posted a link to a grass roots movement that wants to redirect funds from adding more police to schools, to other services like supporting students in temporary housing. I took knee-jerk action because I want my tax dollars to support students, especially those who are underserved. I also believe in all of the services this organization wants to shift funds to. I filled out the info in the link, then shared it.

As soon as I did, I received some important feedback from a teacher friend who supports police in schools, at least in her school, for some reasons I completely understand. I decided to take my original post down, and start over.

I am trying to find my voice in this moment of history, and do my part to take action. Through that action I am learning so much through trial and error. I am realizing quickly (and a little painfully) that my place in this is to listen, ask questions, and nurturer conversations between perspectives, while I take my action independently. My well-intentioned missteps are so embarassing and regretful sometimes, that it almost makes me want to refrain from using my voice and social media entirely. But I know that the time for silence has passed. Before I make instinctive reflex moves, I want to learn, and share what I learn with you.

Do you teach in public schools? Do you send your kid to public schools? Are you/were you a student in public schools? Are you a police officer in a public school?

What do you think about spending $33 million on adding more police to Chicago Public Schools? Why?

Thank you to my friends who speak their minds and share their perspectives. You are my teachers and I am learning fast.





Conclusion: The power of this moment in history is like a wave of knowledge crashing over me. I am trying to ride it peacefully, and let it carry me to a better understanding of place. I must groom my reflex to atone and act, with the growing wisdom of experience. Listening is my place. Creating a space for conversation is my voice.

Here are two articles that I found while researching this $33 million contract between CPS and CPD. I will be adding to it as I keep learning:


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