Words as Art

Just purchased a pennant from the incredible mama, artist, and wordsmith Rayo & Honey! Giving it as a gift to a very special friend. Shop all of her work through this link!

In the repost below, she is referring to a pennant she made that reads, "Begin with the Spirit". But the text in the image I share in this post, really resonates with me right now...

I want to remember that the process is the beauty of it all. The ideal version of me may never be realized, and probably shouldn't be if I am doing it right.

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“Spirituality for me is recognizing that I am connected to the energy of all creation, that I am a part of it—and it is always a part of me. Whatever label or word we use to describe "it" doesn't matter. Words are completely inadequate.

Spirituality is not religion. You can be spiritual and not have a religious context. The opposite is true too: You can be very religious with no spiritual dimension, just doctrine.”

- Oprah Winfrey

Early last year I created a collection of three pennants that utilized quotes from @Oprah. I had this vision of the collection being sold in the @nmaahc shop paired with the exhibit “Watching Oprah: The Oprah Winfrey Show and American Culture”. When my work was turned down by the@smithsonian buyers I was gutted.

It is incredibly hard to find the lesson & embrace rejection when you have already seen it in your minds eye. Ultimately, I was led away from my pity party and back to the connection my work has with these words by all of the folks who have continue to be touched by these phrases.

Last month seeing my name and my work in @oprahmagazine felt like a balm on that old hurt. Confirmation for me to continue to listen to & begin with the spirit.

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