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Love is here. Our 46th President is here. Our first female Vice President is here. What a beautiful day... An unforgettable moment.

When I heard the news, I was driving in the car. I had left the boys with Dad, and was making a run to our little country house we had just moved out of... picking up some random things like pots for plants and stuff.

I burst into tears. The most joyous tears. The only thing that compares was the feeling of giving birth to my second son, who I had complications with. There was a chance he would be stillborn, so I was induced 4 weeks early. Would his lungs be developed? Would he survive?

And then he became real... happy and healthy, weak and skinny... he was here. I was safe. The world was perfect in that moment. This metaphor is the closest I can get to describing how I feel.

America, you are safe. America, you are here. America, you survived. Every citizen that voted gave birth to the opportunity for change with leaders that have empathy and believe in science... people who will make things right.

You did it.


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