With each sale, we will donate 100% of the profits to organizations focusing on children's needs (food, shelter, physical therapy, medical care...), as well as social and racial justice organizations. We will rotate organizations every $100 of sales.

If we sell all of our inventory, we will turn our $150 investment in supplies, into $1,140 in cash donations to various charities!!!


To take proper precautions during Covid, we spray each item with isopropyl alcohol, and let it dry in the sunlight. We then take a gloved-hand and place it in the envelope. We recommend that you quarantine your envelope and item for at least 72 hours to be safe, as well as spray it with your own isopropyl alcohol to ensure everyone's health.

You can check in for updates on the amounts we have raised to date, as well as the organizations we donate to by clicking here.


From the deepest part of my family's heart, thank you for your support! 

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