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Black Stories Matter

Just a sample recording of us two mama birds working from home... making a short doc... communicating through video... letting our children navigate life as siblings while we hide in the bathroom doing work.

Let's start here and listen, as we dismantle systemic racism and systemic oppression together because Black Lives Matter and Black Stories Matter and all BIPOC deserve equity.

Check out Patrese McClain for perspective, and tune in to the voices we all need to amplify. Forever grateful to this leader. She took a chance on me when I had no teaching experience, but was brimming with fire. Won't forget it, and will forever honor it. Her shop is full of beautiful pieces to wear and show your support!! I will be posting some pics in my stories over the weekend!!! And check out her latest performance TWILIGHT LOS ANGELES. I'm gonna sneak away and watch it tonight!!!!


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