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Born to Raise.

If you ever wondered where I got the idea to start doing micro-fundraisers to support children, look no further than Mom.

My mother, Joette, offered her heart, time, energy, skills... basically everything she was able to give to the families and children of Easterseals Central Illinois. Easterseals' mission is "...helping children with developmental delays, disabilities, and other special needs to reach their full potential."

Mom and Mary Grampp (Easterseals Ambassador & friend)

Her 30 year career began as a volunteer, and by working harder than the average bear (as she likes to describe it), she carved out and fulfilled the vital role of Vice President of Development. All along the way, she earned distinctions and awards, none of which my sister and I were even aware of until the heartfelt speeches people gave at her retirement celebration.

That is the type of woman she is. She is never loud, and always shifting attention to the achievements of volunteers. It is not her nature to shine a light on her own massive accomplishments.

A quick-moving brain cancer diagnosis temporarily stole the wind from her sails a few years back. She had to retire a bit earlier than she had hoped, so that she could undergo treatment. But since the woman is a wonder, we are now three years into the diagnosis, and even though treatment options are exhausted, she is healthy.

Due to the amazing care and love she receives from my step-dad, Kip, her devoted friends, and the doctors and nurses that treated her, she is still able to (you guessed it) help the kids and families of Easterseals Central Illinois.

Inspired and uplifted by all of the donors she had the privilege of serving with, Mom and Kip are organizing one last fundraiser to help Easterseals provide these kids with the services they need to live life to the fullest.

Will you be able to help us reach her goal? Every little bit helps... from a one dollar donation to a ten thousand dollar donation... giving is giving. If you are interested in donating, or think you may know of a business who would like to contribute, please email me anytime!

My address is

Thank you so much for your time and support! As my mom says, you truly have our heartfelt gratitude. Here is a bit about this effort:

The title of this post, Born to Raise, is a reference to a book by the same title and written by Jerold Panas. One of my mom's closest companions during her career, Steve Thompson, mentioned this book in the speech he gave at Mom's retirement celebration, and I felt that it describes my mom to the T.


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