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coming soon.

You'll wanna turn the volume up on your device for this one, lol.

When Ryan Van Ert isn't accumulating heaps of laurels for his cinematography in Pink Opaque, he is composing this deeply moving soundtrack for Jessica and me. It will be woven throughout our first short film, Let's Start Here.

This short documentary is a conversation between friends. When we listen to the memories and perspectives of People of Color (as well as the white people organizing to dismantle white supremacy and racism) change takes root in our hearts... it's a force of nature.

We are hoping to have the final cut ready for you no later than the Fall of 2021, because the time is now.

Ryan, I am so grateful for our friendship, and the fact that you jumped in like a boss and churned this out so fast. I can't imagine anything more perfect than this sound. You rule.


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