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Equality Kitchen

Are you receiving SNAP benefits, or in the process of applying for P-EBT? Do you want super simple and nutritious meal plans for your family that get the most out of every dollar you spend on food?

Well look no further! Welcome to Equality Kitchen! This will be the new column on my blog that will feature recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists for ANYONE and EVERY budget.

To start, we will take the max P-EBT benefit of $342 per kiddo, and see how far and long we can stretch it, and how nutritious we can make it.

I am collaborating with registered dietitian and beautiful sweetheart, Jordyn Crane, as well as others (like you!), to pull together a go-to resource for every family. And when I say simple, I mean uncomplicated staples like cereal, oatmeal, toast, and/or fruit for breakfast... spaghetti and salads for dinner type-of-thing.

We will add super simple, inexpensive, and kid-tested ways to amp up the nutrition without adding any time in the kitchen, and incorporating organic ingredients you can buy at Walmart, Aldi, and Target (and other stores that are everywhere) whenever it is cost effective!

You work hard. You try your absolute best, day in and day out. Hopefully, this will make your job just a smidge easier.

Stay tuned!!!! Hoping to get the first meal plan and shopping list together within a couple weeks!


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