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Jamming to some groovy tunes...

Is it the early afternoon? Yes.

Am I drinking a deelishus glass of wine a bit earlier than normal? Of course.

Are my little hooligans on a freezing cold hike with their dad? Yeppers.

Are my ears loving life right now? Absolutely.

If you haven't heard of Bobby Oroza, Cold Diamond and Mink, and Big Crown Records then allow me to introduce you to musical slice of heaven.

The song playing is "Alone Again", and what I love about Big Crown and their diverse family of artists is that they often release instrumental versions of albums they record.

I just bought this groovy album, "This Love Instrumentals" and it came with a bunch of swag like stickers and posters. Also, bonus points for the see-through red color of the album. Uuuuffff!

Big Crown has an insane YouTube channel, so check 'em out!!





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