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Kid, Mama Needs a Minute for Racial Justice

Quarantine (and making sure two small children stay healthy) has me feeling like I can't do much when it comes to racial justice.

But that just can't be.

I stumbled upon an activity that will allow you time to take any of the following peaceful & actionable steps towards racial justice, while your toddler learns about shapes, angle of trajectory, velocity, size, friction, taking turns... It's called bolfing... That's bowling and golfing mixed together. All you need are cups and something that can roll like a ball, or an actual ball, lol.

You can find more details on the following steps, right here:

Call your local police department and make sure they have evidence-based de-escalation training. Start making moves if they don't. I will be calling mine tomorrow.

Find out what indigenous land you are living on, and learn the history of how it changed hands.

Buy your kids books and toys that represent people of diverse color and religions.

Participate in reparations.

See yourself in others.





Conclusion: Racial justice is imperative. Peaceful methods, albeit gut-wrenchingly hard, are what we are called to manifest. Violence is what got us here, and I cannot see how it will bring us out. I am going to think about our children before I speak or act... think of the example I set. No one is going to save us. Love must guide us. Forgiveness must light the path.


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