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Let's Ask Addy

Kids are so deep. They see everything, and feel everything. Wanna know what one little lady has to offer? Let me introduce you to my soul sister, my son's best friend, and writer of the latest column on my blog, "Let's Ask Addy":

I’m Addy and I’m a 7 year old. Some things that are important to me are learning a few things each day, going outside, trying to go on walks, meeting new people, and reading new books. I try to help people in need. I love people taking care of the Earth, and staying healthy. The most important things to me are my family and friends.

Are there any questions you have for Addy? I have a bunch! Here is what she is currently working on, but if your question isn't on the list, just send me a message, or comment below! I will pass them her way...

What are your top ten ways to have fun by yourself?

What do I do if my little sister or brother won't leave my stuff alone?

What do I do if my mom and dad can't play with me when I want them to?

Addy wants to know how you feel about the virus. Here is how she feels...

I kinda just want to crash in there and say, “Virus, go away please!

I wish it wasn’t so contagious.

It’s pretty hard for me. Because I was supposed to start soccer and get braces on, and I really wanted to give a birthday card I made to the person who was going to put my braces on. I feel angry and sad because I’m missing playdates. My ocean is crashing mad.

We used to go to parks a lot, and I miss that. We used to go to my grandparents, and I miss that too. I wish people would take the virus more seriously.

A person we know stuck her head and hands inside our car, and I was really angry and wanted to yell at her! I feel like we should take it more seriously since it could kill people. It made me feel scared, and I felt like I didn’t have any control about not getting sick.

The virus and the people that I love... I would do anything to make it go away from them.





Conclusion: When a child has something to contribute, let's give them a meaningful space to speak. Let's ask Addy, and start the conversation. Let the girl power flow, the kid power reign, the questions rise, and the answers be discovered. Let's connect, let's ask, let's grow together.


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