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Mark your calendar!!!

So this super awesome artist I know is the art director for an absolutely wonderful new kids show coming to PBS Kids. I love this particular artist's work so much, I thought it might be cool to have children with him... turns out it was a good idea. The offspring are turning out nicely so far.

Donkey Hodie has the warmest heart, the best adventures, the most fantastic friends, and a mind-blowing world this all goes down in... the land of Someplace Else.

In collaboration with Fred Rogers Productions and Spiffy Pictures (the same geniuses behind Nature Cat), PBS Kids will debut Donkey Hodie on May 3rd 2021!!!!

It is a total thrill to watch my man and his team of magic-makers build all of the sets and props. It will truly knock your socks off. Most importantly though, this show seeks to instill confidence in youngsters through stories of overcoming challenges with the right attitude. The wit is there, folks. Expect lots of laughs & groovy songs that will be stuck in your head for a couple days. Oh yeah.


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