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Mind Your Elders.

And then the grandpa prickly pear said, "Hold my beer...".

Never give up hope and expect the unexpected and I'm sending you love and we are in this together and we are all on different pages but we are existing in the same book.

Plants, particularly cacti, are superior teachers. Dayum.

I doubted this plant. So many times I was waiting for the new shoot to collapse from its own weight... Or break off because it got knocked to the ground (at least twice) from unruly young lads crashing about.

Everything is eVeRy SiNgLe ThInG

Say what you will about the amount of control we exert with our thoughts... I feel the truth in that... but I feel like there is a layer that we have no part of creating, and that is slowly becoming my fAvOrItE chapter of the book.


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