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Pandemic Relief for Illinois Families!

Calling all Illinois families!!!!! If your child was getting free or reduced-price school meals during the school year, you are eligible for a program called P-EBT, which provides a one-time benefit of up to $342.00 per child, to cover the daily value of school meals your child would have received if schools were not closed due to the Pandemic... but you have to apply soon! The application deadline has been extended until August 31st!!

P-EBT is available to any child, and it does NOT impact your or your child’s citizenship or immigration status. NO social security number is required to apply. 

If your family currently receives SNAP, the benefits have already been loaded to your Link card. 

If your family does not receive SNAP, you can still apply for P-EBT online at

Also, if your family has experienced a change in income, you may also qualify!

Once approved, you will receive a debit card to buy food. 

For more information about P-EBT, help applying for this program, or additional support and resources, call the Illinois Hunger Coalition Hotline at: 1-800-359-2163. Se hablo Español!

And stay strong! We will get through these challenges together! 

My creative partner, Jessica and I (as well as a bunch of radical humans) are collaborating with the Illinois Hunger Coalition to create a PSA about this program that will include all of this info and SO MUCH MORE. We will share the video at some point next week.

We are aiming at having the script translated into Spanish, Polish, and Farsi, so that we can reach as many families as possible!

But in the meantime, please share this program however you can, so that people know it exists (repost, share, tell a friend, text a link...).

So much love to you all!!


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