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Perspective as Metaphor

Perspective is everything, both metaphorically and literally.

This is the same marigold, photographed from different perspectives and crops... Moving around, moving in close, taking a step back, looking at it from above...

The angle and composition completely change the emotional charge of the photo, as well as the narrative. Same is true in life. Where am I is what I see. Moving around to get a different angle makes my life a whole lot richer and real.

In the first picture, color, line, texture, and movement are the strongest elements at work. The folds and form of the marigold make it beautifully singular... as if this blossom is the only thing that exists.

But when we move back, we see that the marigold blossom is part of an environment and family, so to speak. We have more visual symbols to interpret... we see it is in a planter and not growing in the ground. It is surrounded by blossoms yet to bloom. It is sitting on a table, adding color to an otherwise muted scene. Who put it there? Who is the family it brings joy to?

Also, the planter is a recycled 2-liter bottle! I just cut off the top with scissors, and cut some drainage holes in the bottom. Pretty cool to get to see what's going on inside as the plant grows, and as we water it.... another metaphor!

Conclusion: How often do you view something from a second, third, or fourth perspective? How often do you consider what you are choosing to focus on, and what you release to the blur of your periphery? I ask myself this on a daily basis as an artist, but the metaphor of the artistic|creative process is a metaphor for life. The more lenses I see life through, the closer I feel to the infinite source of love that we all sprang forth from. Try it! I promise you will not be disappointed.


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