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PSA | Pandemic-EBT for Illinois Families

In collaboration with the Illinois Hunger Coalition, we created a PSA to spread the word about Pandemic-EBT. Take a look at the two videos below to learn more about this incredible program.

UPDATE! P-EBT has been expanded and extended since we made this PSA! Please check with your local health department for accurate application deadlines for 2021!!

The video with kiddos is followed by a longer video with grown-ups, who go a bit more into detail if you want to know more! Below the videos and message of gratitude, you will find a complete transcript of the Kiddo video in English, Spanish, as well as links to take you to the application. The Persian/Farsi translation of the Kiddo video is available in the link labeled accordingly. I am also providing links to the complete transcripts of the Grown-Up video. Please share this post and/or videos with friends, family, and co-workers!

Words cannot express the whole-hearted goodness that was invested by every participant and collaborator on this project. It all began just under two weeks ago, when I was researching a place to donate the first $100 we raised through Cookie Be Givin'. I contacted the Illinois Hunger Coalition, asking if they could use $100. Diane, the Executive Director, called me back and said what they really needed was a PSA about P-EBT. Diane, Kheko (IHC's Registered Dietician and ray of sunshine), and I worked out the script and the goals.

I immediately reached out to my creative partner and bestie, Jessica, as well as my teenage-whiz-of-a-cousin, Megan, and away we went! Jessica coordinated the little kiddo participants, and Megan coordinated the teen participants. Next, I talked to my friend, Ramah (a magical musician and member of the band Wooden Rings), and he provided the beautiful soundtrack that delivers such an uplifting emotional charge to the spoken words. I reached out to friends and family, and asked them to deliver some lines & translate the scripts into multiple languages, and everyone came through in a matter of days! Because my husband is an all-around hero, and took over as both mom and dad for the weekend, I was able to create the final cuts of the PSA super quickly, and my kids got Rice Krispie treats for breakfast. It was a win-win.

All of you are incredible to work with, and I am so humbled to be part of team that delivered a meaningful message of hope and unity, with actionable ways to nurture each other. Here is a list of the amazing humans who made this PSA possible...

Diane and Kheko of the Illinois Hunger Coalition

Wooden Rings Band

The Hewitt Family

Megan and her kind-hearted teen crew

The Rundall-Royal Family

The Buell Family





Maria José

My family


Hey Illinois families!

Food insecurity is a challenge for so many families, especially during the Covid-19 Crisis. If your child was getting free or reduced-price lunch during the school year, you are eligible for a program called Pandemic-EBT, or P-EBT, which provides a one-time benefit of up to $342.00 per child. It covers the daily value of school meals your child would have received if schools were not closed due to the Pandemic. It can help your family provide much needed nutrition for your children during this time. But you have to apply soon! The application deadline is August 31st, 2020. P-EBT is available to any child and it does NOT impact your or your child’s citizenship or immigration status. NO social security number is required to apply. If your family currently receives SNAP, the benefits have already been loaded to your Link card. If your family does not receive SNAP, you can still apply for P-EBT online at Once approved, you will receive a debit card to buy food. You can contact your school or school district to complete a Free and Reduced-price Meal application, if you have not already done so. If you do that today, you can also apply for P-EBT today! For more information about P-EBT, or help applying for this program, as well as additional support and resources, call the Illinois Hunger Coalition Hotline at 1-800-359-2163. Se habla español! And stay strong! We will get through these challenges together!


Familias de Illinois, La inseguridad alimentaria es un desafio para muchas familias, especialmente durante la crisis de Covid-19. Si su hijo estaba recibiendo almuerzo gratis o a precio reducido durante el año escolar, usted es elegible para un programa llamado P-EBT, que proporciona un beneficio único de hasta $342.00 por niño. Cubre el valor diario de las comidas escolares que su hijo habría recibido si las escuelas no estuvieran cerradas debido a la Pandemia. Puede ayudar a su familia a proporcionar una nutrición muy necesaria para sus hijos durante este tiempo. Pero usted tiene que aplicar pronto! La fecha límite de solicitud es el 31 de agosto de 2020. P-EBT está disponible para cualquier niño y NO afecta su ciudadanía o estatus migratorio suyo o su hijo. NO se requiere ningún número de seguro social para aplicar. Si su familia recibe actualmente SNAP, los beneficios ya se han cargado en su tarjeta Link. Si su familia no recibe SNAP, de todos modos puede solicitar P-EBT en línea en Una vez aprobado, recibirá una tarjeta de débito para comprar alimentos. Para obtener más información sobre P-EBT, o ayuda para solicitar este programa, así como apoyo y recursos adicionales, llame a la Línea Directa de la Coalición del Hambre de Illinois al: 1-800-359-2163. Se habla español! ¡Y mantente fuerte! ¡Superaremos estos desafíos juntos! Usted puede contactar su escuela o al distrito escolar, si todavía no lo ha hecho, para completar la solicitud de comida gratuita o a precio reducido.

English PSA IHC P-EBT Kid Script Transla
Download • 33KB
English PSA IHC P-EBT Parent Script Tran
Download • 28KB
Spanish PSA IHC P-EBT Kid Script Transla
Download • 37KB
Spanish PSA IHC P-EBT Parents Script Tra
Download • 35KB
Persian Translation P-EBT Kid Script
Download PDF • 43KB
Persian Transcript P-EBT Parent script
Download P • 60KB


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