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Pushing Through Allyship Fatigue

Sophie Williams, of Official Millennial Black is incredible... a creator of change and builder of community. Here is a repost from her Instagram account @officialmillennialblack


Feeling fatigued is normal. Finding ways to fight it is essential in keeping up the momentum we’ve started #blacklivesmatter (feel free to repost with credit)


Conclusion: If you are anything like me, you are jumping head first into conversations you have been avoiding your entire life due to the discomfort and potential disconnection from loved ones. As I started this blog a couple months ago, I made it a point to not include controversial material so it could be a safe and happy place for people to go. I realize now that that is white privilege in its purest, most digestible form. I have the luxury of avoiding tough conversations that create change, because I currently benefit from an oppressive system that only shows glimmers and streaks of equality.

I used to think that as long as I wasn't a racist, and taught my sons the same values, I was all good in my karmic responsibility to racial justice. I was wrong.

So here I am, showing up for what I believe in, listening to those with similar and contrary views, holding my breath, scared and empowered at the same time. All I know is that I want my sons, my beautiful, beautiful sons, to know what allyship means & how you embody it... but first, I have to teach myself.


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