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Insurrection and White Privilege

On a day that should be celebrated thanks to the patriotic efforts of the people of Georgia (electing their first Black and Jewish senators, charting a course correction for our country towards decency and equality), we witnessed domestic terrorism and white privilege unlike anything I have seen.

The thin icy crust meant to kill our potential as a people will melt soon enough, especially if you torch it with the heat of truth.

How can us white folks use our unearned privilege for the greater good, and transform inequality into justice? Start by clicking here.

I learned so much from the post (linked above) by blogger, Christopher Bowers. I hope it gives you a sense of empowerment... and urgency.

Acknowledging white privilege means you're taking an inevitable slow dance with guilt, but give that guilt one song then get a new partner. Action has a crush on you, it's just too shy to make the first move. You two will make such a cute couple. Go for it.

Let's do the work while our BIPOC brothers and sisters start the healing process of generations of trauma.


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