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teen dream alert

Today, I had the absolute honor of doing my photo professor thang for Fill a Heart 4 Kids and their summer arts programming for teens.

They serve the most vulnerable youth in our community… those who are homeless or in foster care. This organization (and the women who lead it) are a thing of wonder.

In today's meeting, I offered an introduction to visual storytelling, handed the teens a camera, and they immediately started expressing their voice… first with images, then with words.

They released monarch butterflies, talked about their symbolism, and journaled. Some of these budding young artists felt comfortable enough to read bits and pieces of their free-write aloud, and lemme tell ya... to say they are intuitive and intelligent is an understatement. They are teen dreams.

I can't share the incredible images they captured in order to preserve their privacy. But here are some that I took throughout the day.

Being around these young women is like collectively plugging our souls' battery into a high voltage outlet. We charge each other up on different levels, and leave humbled by the purity of the heart and intention of it all.

I don't know how I got lucky enough to be the smallest (and I mean smallest) fraction of a ripple in a wave in the vast ocean of love and service Fill a Heart navigates.

Check out your local non-profits and see what jazzes you up. The world needs you, so make like Nike and just do it. Don't analyze or ponder or forget. YOLO babe.






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