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Temporary Tattoo = Mindfulness

"I honor the place in you where the entire universe dwells."

Every once in a while, the beautiful weight of motherhood creeps up on me, and I misplace my inner peace.

I have two little boys to nurture and love as they scream-cry over pancakes cut the wrong way, and bolt as I try to change a diaper. I get a little annoyed. And by a little, I mean a lot.

I am writing this on my arm, so every time I go to pull off one monkey from the back of the other, I remember that these kids are pure love, and I am called upon to honor that with patience and respect... Even when I'm super inconvenienced to do so, lol.

This also goes for all of the adults I sink into judging lately, for feeling a certain way, or saying something that goes against every fiber of my core. I want to actively remember that they too have the universe dwelling within them. And I am called to listen to and love my brothers and sisters, not change them or berate them... At least that's how I want to be treated.

The other cool thing is that my kids get curious about the ink on my arm, and I get to explain this to them, thus planting the seeds of radness.

What would you write on your arm? I would love to learn from your perspective! If you try this, send me a pic, tag me, or write a comment below!

This post was totally influenced by the beautiful content that Betsy Criss shares as the owner of The Yoga Projekt on Facebook. Just bought one of her super cute t-shirts last night that they sell online, and I'm so excited to get it! The Yoga Projekt also offers online classes so check em out!






Conclusion: By writing daily affirmations on your arm, we can be more mindful as we navigate this life. So many necessary distractions exist in our world that can make our inner peace elusive. My hope is that this activity will help you feel love, express love, and help you to share the respect we are called to exchange as brothers and sisters. Namaste baby!


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