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the empress and the fool

For my birthday, I gave myself a tarot reading from the especially intuitive mama, Michelle. Bizarre things happened.

You know those thoughts that are so soft, you can file them under subconscious... the constant churning swell-of-a-wave that becomes white noise in your head, but is always there? All of that manifested in the cards pretty hilariously if you ask me. My hand was covering my mouth, and my eyes were as wide as saucers for most of the reading.

It was a beautiful hour and a half.

Michelle is so brilliant. She uses multiple decks, so if a card keeps coming up, and up, and (in my case) up again, we have a little chat.

She weaves the story of what the card represents, and then invites you to explore what that means to you. In sharing my perspective, the other cards and their meanings took deeper root. Super duper cool.

It was like my intuition was whispering through soundproof glass, and Michelle gently removed the barrier so I could move in close to hear.

If you ever feel called to a reading, Michelle is where it is at. She provides readings through zoom, so you can be anywhere and tune in!

If you are interested, a couple of the most significant cards that came up multiple times for me where the Fool and the Empress. But there were SO many others that came up 3 or more times and make so much sense. It was hilarious. Mother Nature was like, "I got the mic, now listen."





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