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The "Kindling"of Racial Unrest

Carol Anderson, Distinguished Professor and Chair of African American Studies at Emory University, makes it plain as day to understand how pain would swell up and boil over in the face of relentless racism. I invite you to watch her lecture, featured in the video below. Make like a flower, and let the bee of history pollinate that beautiful mind of yours.

Conclusion: In the midst of broken hearts and exhausted patience, people react in ways they may not normally. As people condemn the destruction of property, such as racist statues and other things, I am observing that most of those who publicly admonish it, leave it at a shallow, "Stop that! You should know better, and treat people and property with respect." Let us not stop short of getting to the heart of the matter... the place where we can learn and listen to the type of abuse that brings people to destruction, so that no one ever feels so voiceless and violated again.


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