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The Supreme Court + Juneteenth

I love S.C.O.T.U.S.! Saving DACA and preventing discrimination of our country's LGBTQ community?!!! I feel like my heart is bursting with joy at the steps our country is taking towards equality!

Here is an amazing Bingo board provided by @xonecole to celebrate Juneteenth to the fullest!!!! Making my way through it as we speak!!!

So much love and respect to all my black brothers and sisters today. Your resilience, creativity, talent, and capacity for forgiveness and understanding is an inspiration... one I aim to mirror and model everyday.

Conclusion: I completely support Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Am I late to the game on this? So so so late. Beyond late. Shamefully late. But that shame will not stop me from growing and taking action now. The beautifully strong @pattydmac recently reminded me... KNOW THYSELF. It is our greatest power.


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