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The Whole n' Happy

These sweet thangs my sons created are called gratitude jars, and we got the idea from one of my kid's favorite teachers, Kelsey, the creator of The Whole n' Happy.

Before bed, we take the sticks out and put them back in, one by one. Each stick represents something different. When we put the first stick back in, we say one thing we did really well that day. For the next stick, we say something we are going to practice tomorrow. The stick after that is something we love, and so on and so forth. However, there are a million ways to do this activity.

Kelsey teaches some amazing kid-oriented mindfulness classes on Outschool but offers so much FOR FREE on her blog! We are talking coloring pages, family mindfulness activities, guided meditations... Again, ALL FREE!

Kelsey just launched a wonderful YouTube channel with adorable videos for kids (and adults, let's be honest) that explain why thoughts are like bubbles, and the difference between "A Mindful Brain vs. a MindFULL Brain."

Check out her Instagram feed and sign up for free weekly content!

I learn as much as my son from the stuff she shares. I lean towards mindFULL quite a bit, and need to reel it in throughout the day. The tips we learn from Kelsey make it easier, and wanted to spread the word to you!


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