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We need you.

Alright ya'll, there is a group home for foster kids that just got a makeover. Only problem is that they do not have any art for the walls.

I am collaborating with Youngest Waffle and Angela to fix that for the fine young lads living there, and there are two ways for you to be a part of the fun without leaving your home! Let's get together and coalesce more juju in numbers AND become more of a tight-knit community.

First, if you are able to contribute $3 to help us with supplies, we would be so incredibly grateful! Beyond grateful. Just click here, or visit the whole Cookie Be Givin' shop. We are hoping to raise $150 to cover the materials we need like simple frames, large prints, etc. We want to make it nice, as they say. Just a one time three-buck offering makes a difference when a bunch of us do it, I promise. If you are in a place to donate more, just change the quantity after you add it to your cart!

It should be noted that I am just a volunteer, and NOT official in any capacity, lol. I am just one person trying to bring us all together through little micro-activism ideas, and I am willing & able to put in the sweat equity it takes organize. As of now, I am NOT a non-profit, and anything you contribute will NOT be tax-deductible. Maybe someday, but for now, this level of grassroots offering is my wheelhouse.

If you would rather participate through artmaking, you are welcome to color a page from a kids' coloring book, or do one of those cool mandala things they have in adult coloring books... have fun! I cannot promise that we will use every piece offered, but your act of service is meaningful regardless.

All I need is a photo of the finished art, and you get to keep the original. You can take this on your phone and email/message it to me. The video at the bottom of this post is a quick tip guide for taking a solid capture. This will ensure I will be able to make a quality print of your art.

Youngest Waffle is creating a collage of framed pieces. He starts with thrift store art, and transforms it into magic for the more mature, teenage sensibility lol. You can see one example of his style here...

Angela and I are making art for the super-hero-dino-obsessed-car-racing age group of youngsters. Angela creates super fun paintings like this space scene below, and I have been coloring pages from my sons' coloring books. I just started getting awesome pics from collectors with old school superhero comic books too! I am going to do a little Photoshop magic, print, and frame them for the kid crew.

If you see anything else in the shop that you like (such as one of the necklaces), 100% of the sale will go to this project until we hit our goal. If for any reason we come in under budget, we will donate whatever is leftover directly to children's charities. As soon as the pieces get installed, we will share photos if possible, but there may be privacy considerations since the pieces will be installed in a home. At minimum, I will share pics of the framed prints and finished artwork! I do not have a set timeline for that just yet, but I will keep you posted.

Here is that quick video tutorial of how to capture a good photo of anything you color. You can email the photo at

From the deepest part of my family's heart, thank you for your support!


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