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When Good Happens

P-EBT just got EXPANDED and EXTENDED by the House!!!!! Now we wait for the Senate vote.

Click here for Pandemic-EBT & SNAP friendly meal plans and shopping lists! They are all free to download.

Read below for all the details from the Illinois Hunger Coalition...

Democrats Win Key Child Nutrition Provisions in Continuing Resolution (CR).

America is in the midst of a child hunger crisis. In response, Democrats successfully negotiated a Continuing Resolution that preserves and expands Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) to help address the hunger crisis.

The CR extends and expands P-EBT benefits through fiscal year 2021, and makes key program improvements, including:

  • Covering all administrative costs at the federal level and providing administrative flexibility for states.

  • Expanding P-EBT eligibility to all U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico.

  • Expanding P-EBT eligibility to children who would otherwise be receiving meals in child care, if not for the closure or reduced hours or attendance of their child care facility due to the pandemic.

  • Clarifying that children in hybrid school settings may receive P-EBT benefits and providing flexibility for states in implementation.


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