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Youngest Waffle

I give you the work of Detroit-based artist, Youngest Waffle... but where do I even begin to describe the kindness and talent his heART brings?

A few weeks back, I started an art/doodle/love-letter drive for Chicago children in foster care or experiencing homelessness. I started reaching out to friends, family, acquaintances, and perfect stranger creatives to see if anyone had the time to contribute a little something.

I knew of Youngest Waffle's work through the pop-up gallery, The Neighborhood Window, but I had never met him. He literally had no clue who I was when I initially messaged him on Instagram, but if you know me, you know I am not hesitant about reaching out to people, lol. Hermit? Yes. Shy? No.

I told him a bit about the project in my initial message, crossed my fingers in the hopes he would respond, and within days we were on a video call working out the details. He is the definition of good vibes. He is the embodiment of chill, and at the same time ready to "do". Just a little while later, he delivered these incredible treasures that I will forward to Fill a Heart 4 Kids, and they can print & distribute them to the children they serve if (and whenever) they desire.

Fill a Heart is an organization that serves Chicago-area homeless kids and children in foster care. They deliver food and essential items every week to these kids, and one of their at-home service projects involves writing affirmational messages to the children they serve. If selected, your letter/artwork will be printed and put in the backpacks they fill with essentials, like toothbrushes and the like.

Youngest Waffle did this all free of charge, no questions asked. This is what it is all about... Doing what you can, when you can.

This young artist is about to take flight, so I would highly suggest investing in a original canvas now, before somebody super high up catches on and his work starts getting collected by famous people and he can't keep up with the demand and we can't keep up with the price, lol.

My family snagged the 16x20 piece at the top of the post and I CANNOT WAIT for the mailman to deliver.


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