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Your print orders turned into food for kids!

You incredible people bought enough Youngest Waffle prints from the shop to make two $50 donations so far. The first goes to The Greater Chicago Food Depository. They have incredible programs that help keep children and families nourished throughout the summer when school is out. And if $50 doesn't seem like a lot, scroll down to see what these angels are able to do with that humble offering!! I include a screenshot of the donation receipt as well.

As serendipity would have it, there is a "donation matching" happening now, so your $50 magically turned into $100, and will provide 300 meals. That's right! 300!!!!

The second $50 is going to the kids of Detroit, Youngest Waffle's community. My friend an cohort, Angela, has a few ideas and will share where she directs that money soon. I will post it in my Instagram stories.

Moral of the story here, is to never let the fear of your efforts being too small, prevent you from trying. I was worried that $50 wasn't going to make an impact. I was wrong. 300 meals to families in need ain't half bad. Let's keep going!


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