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Bye-Bye, Germs.

This is literally the easiest, most gratifying kiddo science experiment eVeR :

  1. Get a plate or a bowl. Add water.

  2. Shake a whole lotta ground pepper onto the water.

  3. Put a drop of soap on your finger, touch the water & watch the pepper scram.

We did this activity in my son's super awesome preschool class to demonstrate how soap affects germs (the pepper represents the germs). We meet for a half hour, 3 times a week through Zoom, and it is definitely the next best thing to the real thing.

His teacher, Miss Tiffany and her pal Mr. Stripes (a tiger puppet) have been schooling my little guy on numbers, colors, turn-taking, crafts, science... We even made our own butter, lol, no joke... And it was deelishus. Outschool has so many radical classes at affordable prices like Miss Tiffany's Preschool Circle Time, and if you need financial assistance, they have programs in place to serve you! Click here to learn more! Hope to see you there.


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