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Spin that poi, babe.

Calling all you beautiful ladies out there!!! If you crank up your device's volume for this video, you may get some laugh medicine. Just sayin'.

My sister from another mister, Dr. Kate Reigle van West got her PhD by doing the first scientific study on the mind|body benefits of Poi (the Maori art of spinning tethered weights on cords).

She studied senior citizens at first, and is now expanding her research into other age groups. Turns out, Poi works wonders for your noggin' and quality of life. I decided to dive in, and as of a few days ago, I have been offering 10 minutes a day to my poi practice. According to Dr. Kate, that's all it takes to feel & embody those mind|body benefits.

My grandmother just passed away from an excruciating battle with dementia, and my mom is a 3-year survivor of brain cancer. Neural health is kind of on my mind.

I recorded my first session so I could track my progress over the next 6 months while I work through her video lessons, and here is the highlight reel. Abysmal, lol! You don't even wanna know what didn't make the final cut, lol. Whacked myself in the head with those bad boys multiple times.

But if it feels this good to be a total mess, I can't wait to feel the goddess-like flow of a pro. Kate has a whole program that is beyond affordable (50% off sale right now), all online, and worth every minute.

Keep in mind that spinning poi is like learning a language... It takes years. Set your expectations there, and you will have so much fun.

Click on any of the links below to learn more and get started.

She also collaborates with a poi-maker who makes the most beautiful (and affordable) custom poi with a bunch of fabric options! Check out Janine on Facebook. Here are the ones I bought...

You can make your poi own with a sock, rubber band, and rice if you don't want to wait. That's what we did with my boys (see the video below) and it is quite literally the exact same feel as the custom poi. But there is mana in anything these ladies touch, so I went all in and bought some for myself.


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