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Get grooving to the latest release from Mama-Had-The-House-To-Herself Records, lol.

I think I'm going to call this song "Longing". Does that feel right? If anyone wants to write lyrics to it, be my guest. I would love to hear them... art for art's sake and no other purpose. I use to play this as a lullaby for my little men, but now it feels like it has something else behind it.

I bought this ukulele for myself two years ago on Mother's Day. I literally went to Guitar Center and bought the thing, went to the Mexican restaurant next door, by myself, had a margarita (again by myself), then went home to my fam.

If you ever want to pick up an instrument, this is where to start! Especially if you never learned to read music like me...

Tablature for a uke is SO easy to catch onto. In a word, it is sensical. It is NOT esoteric and puzzling like a sheet of music. If I can self-teach, there is no question that anyone can. I have ZERO musical training... I'm fueled on love and the desire to learn. Here are some of the resources I use to learn:

The Kala App: It is free, and allows you to tune your ukelele, and has tons of learning tools!

If there is a song that you want to learn, I recommend doing a Google search of that song for the ukelele tablature. That is how I started. For instance, when I first started, I looked up the tabs for the song, Remember Me, from the Disney movie, Coco. Not only did I find the tablature (tabs), but there were tons of video tutorials on YouTube. Doing it this way is a fantastic way to learn new chords and a song all at once!

You can even write your own music as soon as you get a few chords down! Get yourself 3 to 5 chords mixed up and on repeat like what's going on in my video, play around with strumming styles, and you have yourself a bonafide song, babe.


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