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merci beaucoup

I am one lucky girl. There are a thousand things you could spend your hard-earned money on, but you offered what you could to make an art-centered service project happen.

You could have done a hundred different things with your time, but you decided to make some radical art for kids who deserve so much more than what they have been dealt.

You are off the charts. These micro-moves are shifting our society. Forever grateful for the love you share.

My main collaborators on this service project, Conner and Angela, are just the most fabulous people you could ever meet. When you think of a dream team, you picture working with artists like them. SO grateful for our synergy!

Together, we raised double what we needed to make this project happen. So now that we have what we need to fill a group home for foster kids with custom contemporary art (thanks in large part to a massive contribution from Cavemen Haircuts), we are taking the abundance and donating it pronto, as promised.

Together, we bought eight $10 gift cards to Mickey D's. Fill a Heart 4 Kids gives these out to the homeless kids|teens they serve. I reckon that is about two hot meals per kid. Not bad.

And after that, we had $100.

Conner and Angela are from Detroit, and more than half of the funds we raised came from their friends and family (not to mention the art both C and A are bringing to the table). So it only seems right that the $100 should go straight to the kids of Detroit. They are in the process of reaching out to local kid-serving organizations, and we will keep you posted on where your contributions land!

As I mentioned in the first post about this project, I do not have a set timeline for when the art gets installed as of yet, but I am shooting for May. I may not be able to show you the actual install, based on the fact that the art is going to be in a home (privacy considerations and such). If I can, I will.

BUT... I will most definitely be sharing the work in progress through my Instagram stories, and I will most definitely share photos of the final art and framed prints.

Here is a list of the all-stars that offered their time and art to the kidz:




I really can't find the words to describe how cool you are.

And to the donors of that essential moolah... All of this would go absolutely nowhere without you. This art will be around for a while. Who knows how many kids will live there and be impacted by our offering. We did this as a community, for our community. BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you from the depths of my heart. Can't wait to work with you again.

Here is the receipt from the McDonald's. We will share Conner and Angela's receipts in the next project-related post, along with a little write-up of the organization(s) they find.


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