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Design Your Own Mask!!!

Turns out my boys are super intimidated by traditional medical-style masks. My oldest son was not buying the "Dr. River" bit I was trying to sell. But with restrictions easing, and the inevitable re-entry into public spaces, I needed help, stat!

That's when Picture This Clothing came to our rescue! They make clothing based on your drawings! And they offer face masks for adults and kiddos!!

It could not be easier or more fun. You go to their website, print off the template, and draw your design. Then you take a picture of the template on your phone, upload it to their website, and your are set.

The next thing you know, your package arrives in pristine condition (along with a 10% discount off your next purchase, and lil' monster finger puppets).

For our masks, my husband drew the outlines, and my boys had a blast coloring it in. If you check out the photos below, you can see the whole process.

Mama had to take a whack at designing a couple, and after looking through their awesome gallery of customers' artwork, I noticed a few people had set real objects on the template. I HAD to try that.

Since we are avid (and I mean avid) fossil and rock hunters, I made a collage of all of our best finds. I was not sure how it would turn out, but it surpassed my wildest mask-making dreams!

If you already have masks, they makes shirts, leggings, dresses... The whole nine yards! A kid-designed shirt might be a super cool gift! I will definitely be making more wearable art with them, and I am so happy to share this with you!! They are also on Instagram and Facebook!





Conclusion: Sometimes medical masks can intimidate small children, but we all need to do our part with social distancing. By designing your own mask with Picture This Clothing, we can help keep us all safe and healthy while having fun and being creative! There is so much more to discover too, like shirts, dresses, leggings... Be sure to check out their photo gallery for inspiration!


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