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DIY Recycled Planters!!

Do you lay in bed at night wondering how to save the planet while simultaneously crafting and growing herbs? Me too.

Coffee creamer cartons, laundry detergent bottles, soup cans, and condiment bottles are perfect diy planters that keep your karma in balance, and your craft skills on point.

I used an x-acto knife and/or scissors to chop off the tops of things, and a hammer and nail to punch holes for drainage in metal containers. I used a piercing awl to poke holes in the plastic and paper containers. If you don't have an awl, I am sure if you heat up a sewing or embroidery needle, that will get you started, and your creative problem-solving skills will do the rest.

I painted mine with white paint, and I'm sure we will decorate them at some point. It took a bunch of coats, and most of it immediately peels off on the paper cartons, so that is super fun... And when you water your plants, the paint starts to bubble. Also super awesome. But the metal and plastic planters seem to be cooperating with my artistic vision, lol.

If you try this, I would love to see your planters!!!





Conclusion: There are so many ways to preserve our planet, and these DIY recycled planters are one of them! It is the perfect craft for a weekend at home, and provides beauty and good karma to any space. Outdoors or inside, these little planters are well-suited for herbs and flowers. This craft project allows us to reduce our waste, reuse items that may end up in landfills, and do a small but important part in slowing (and hopefully preventing) climate change and global warming.


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