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Fill a Heart 4 Kids!

Super duper love and gratitude to everyone who purchased from our Cookie Be Givin' shop!!! Because of your generosity, we raised our next $100! This round, you are supporting Fill a Heart 4 Kids.

This organization (and the beautiful humans who work and volunteer there), support the nearly 1.3 million kids in our country who are homeless, in foster care, or living in group homes without forever families. Statistics show that 1 in 4 kids are targeted by traffickers within 72 hours of becoming homeless. Your gift is helping to nurture and protect these children.

Your donation will be directed towards programs like Survival BacPacs. They are full of food, blankets, toiletries, school supplies, and gift cards to places like Walgreens, and allow homeless teenagers to make their own purchases, such as girls in need of feminine hygiene products.

There are so many ways you and your family can help this organization and the kids they support! I will do another post tomorrow, highlighting some options that you can integrate into homeschooling, or in your free time!

Here is the donation receipt:

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