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Let's Ask Addy About Anger

Like every child, my resident 7 year-old can teach us a thing or two.

Let's ask Addy about anger.

The Q + A, was conducted by her sweet sweet mama Jessica (our fabulous Unschooling contributor). Check out this little film I made to accompany her voice, if you think your kids may want to have a listen, or if you want to hear some ways that one parent helps her daughter calm down in the heat of the moment, so she can process feelings of anger.

I will definitely be incorporating what I learned into my parenting, but not gonna lie, I may have to try a couple of their mellow methods on myself.

And please feel welcome to share ways you help your child find calm, or questions your kids may have for Addy!





Conclusion: There are endless opportunities to practice finding peace... that's my ultra-hippie way of saying that when I feel like I'm going to lose it, and especially when I see my children starting to spin out, I need a strategy. I am learning that there are magically simple techniques to bring those angry speed wobbles back into balance.


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