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Let's Ask Addy About Masks

If you have a kiddo gearing up for school, or want to get your little ones comfortable wearing them in general, Addy has been trying to improve her mask-wearing skills everyday, too.

In this latest interview conducted by her mom, Jessica, she talks about why she wears one, things that help her keep one on for long periods of time, and how to help younger siblings of the toddler set, get on board.

Above, is an abbreviated version of the interview set to some zen visuals of clouds passing (because I just love to make art), and below is the full 9 minute audio interview.

You and your babes can listen to it together, and ask questions via the comments or email.

If you have some success stories, or tips for Addy as she tries to wear her mask for longer and longer periods of time, please share them!

Conclusion: We are all trying to make this work, and supporting each other is my jam. Let's kick this thang's boo-tay!


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