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Online Children's Theatre Workshops!!!

Do your kids like costumes? Do like to play anything? Ever? Are you in desperate need for a breather by 10 am CST? Well, guess what! I gotchu boo.

The Children's Theatre of Western Springs just extended their super awesome junior workshop through June! It's all online. You pay $30 and your whole family has a membership for the month.

Monday through Friday at 10am, they host an acting workshop of sorts for kids (Pre-K through 1st grade)! You get access to the live Zoom sessions, as well as archived sessions if you can't make it to class. No matter where you live, you can participate!

My teenage cousin has been participating for years now. On stage, back stage... Girl's got skills. And she is a very convincing Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz. Best I've ever seen, in fact.

When I asked my aunt what children's theatre has brought to her family, she said it showed them how to work together, and appreciate each other's individual space while having fun and being challenged. SOLD. Sign me up!

And that's me again, on the ukelele.





Conclusion: Children's theatre is such an incredible way to nurture the imagination, explore perspectives outside of our own, and learn about the art of storytelling. Through play, movement, singing, and dancing, your child can engage with other children and teachers. And let's not forget that you get a bit of a kid-free recharge moment while your child pretends to be a duck. That's a beautiful thing.


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