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Our First Donation!

The Meals 4 Kids program will be receiving a $111 donation in honor of your generosity!!! Together we supported a child with nutritious meals delivered to their door for two whole weeks!!!! The program is part of Meals on Wheels and serves kids who are facing food insecurities, PLUS any of the following...

  • Chronic condition or illness of a caregiver or child

  • Lack of facility to prepare meals

  • Lack of ability and/or transportation to access food resources such as food pantries

  • In a household with an income level that is 185% or more below the federal poverty level.

Conclusion: Thank you all soooooo much!!! Let's keep going!!! As individuals, we can definitely make an impact, but when we come together, we can create waves! Click here for a link to the shop.

Here is the screenshot of our donation receipt:


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