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Super Fun "Learn to Read" Activities!

So my guru genius friend @wildrumpuslife is an unschooling goddess, and gave me this idea to try as I embark on the intimidating journey of teaching my 5 year old to read. Here is how it works...

I took all the blocks I could find, and wrote upper and lowercase letters on each one. I wrote on all 4 sides of each block to get more bang for my buck.

I started out with hiding them like an Easter egg hunt. We put all of the blocks into a pile. My 3 year old sorted all the colors, then counted how many blocks of each color... then built a tower! Next, I drew a letter on a piece of paper, and he had to find the matching letter on the block. We are not focusing on retention at all, just shape recognition. Meanwhile, my 5 year old had to find specific letters so that we could build words, and eventually sentences!

The cool thing is that you can work on color AND letter recognition, sorting, patterns, and motor skills! I told you @wildrumpuslife was a genius! 😂 And it literally costs nothing and took me 5 minutes to prep. The boys are grooving on some fruit strips right now, but as soon as the sugar kicks in, we be learnin' to read folks 🙌




Conclusion: This learning at home activity provides toddlers and kindergarten students a fun way to learn the alphabet, while enhancing motor skills! Preschoolers will love the "game", and you will love the quality time spent with your kids. Lego Duplos, or any other building block will work perfectly!


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